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Enhanced Foster Care

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young people and families

Welcome to EFC!

Enhanced Foster Care is an established Independent Fostering Agency in the South of England providing quality and unrivalled foster placements for children and young people aged 0 to 18 years who are unable to live at home either in the short term or those children that require forever homes. It forms part of a group of owner-managed children's services called Enhanced Children's Services.

We believe that foster carers are a vital part of the team providing quality homes for all children. We also specialise in offering placements to children and young people who have complex needs and
 may experience difficulties, that impact in how they manage their lives and their feelings. As a team, we work therapeutically with children and young people to achieve the best possible outcomes. This provides foster carers a unique opportunity to be a genuine member of a multidisciplinary team around each child.

If you are equally passionate about helping young people or an already approved Foster Carer who wants to make a difference and belong to an agency with passionate beliefs, values and vision, we will offer you an unrivalled package of support to ensure children and young people prosper in our foster agency.

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We are delighted to announce the members 'Safeguarding Area' has been launched  for December 2015 - please log in and take a look.

Please check again during the first week of January for details of 2016 roadshows and Open Days

Who we are

Enhanced Foster Care is committed to providing a personalised service to our carers, children and young people living with us. The 'personal touch' promise, often missing from larger, national agencies has held us in good stead over the years and is at the core of all we do.

Our vision is simple:

  • To deliver outstanding outcomes for all children and young people in Enhanced Foster Care by supporting and enabling them to strive on their journey to adulthood.

  • To be the first choice agency for foster carers, through the delivery of outstanding training, operational and financial support.

Our values are:

Being exceptional
We go above and beyond…. go that extra mile and strive to be the best we can

Focus on the Child
We work therapeutically with children and young people and achieve best outcomes. Committed to achieving the best for them, we support them to learn about themselves, assess their experiences, recognise their own resources and generate positive change in their lives.

A Team Approach
From the proprietor to our outreach workers, everyone plays a vital part in prodding our quality service, in short, we have a passion and enjoy what we do and this shines through in our positive approach and 'can do' attitude that embraces partnership working.

Look After Everyone
We recognise the importance of support. Whilst you are growing, we recognise the need to grow steadily and responsibly and look after everyone in the process.

Never Stop Learning
We value continuous professional development and invest in the learning experience of our children, foster cares, staff and managers to continue their lifelong learning.

Best Value
By providing an ethical and transparent service, we demonstrate exceptional value for money through our proposition, service delivery and the outcomes we achieve for children and young people.

Value and Embrace Difference
We seek a diverse team of foster cares and staff that values and respects differences and diversity.

Our Team

Our service is led by individuals with a passion and vision of what children, young people and their families have a right to receive, gained through experienced professionals working with children in a variety of settings, including statutory, health and therapeutic settings. Experience has informed us that working together is the only way forward to bring about positive change in the lives of children and young people. Our approach encourages a sense of togetherness which includes the child, their family, the foster family, together with the placing authority, external agencies and our team.

Children, young people, families and foster carers benefit from the support of a highly experienced, qualified and skilled, multi-disciplinary team. Our strengths within our quality organisation lies in the fact that the practitioners who created the ethos and philosophy, remain centrally placed to ensure that core values remain in place.

The support and management of foster cares is given primary importance within Enhanced Foster Care. All foster families are allocated a qualified and suitably experienced Supervising Social Worker. Some families will also work closely with our Clinical Team, Family Support Workers and our Outreach Team. It is this close working relationship, backed up by the wider management team that ensures that quality family placements are provided where children's welfare is central and paramount.

Enhanced Foster Care works in collaboration with Families Inc, a Clinical Team headed up by two Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists. The Families Inc team includes therapists from many disciplines, including Clinical Child Psychologists, Family Therapists. The Clinical team join the professional support to children, young people and families within Enhanced Foster Care and work closely with social workers and families providing Specialist Placements, Parent & Child Assessments and those circumstances where Independent Assessment is appropriate.

Questions & Answers

Below are answers to some questions that we normally get asked. If you have questions that aren't answered by any of these, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Who can apply to become a Foster Carer?

At Enhanced Foster Care we are always looking for some particular qualities in our Foster Carers and in particular we welcome applicants who are confident, nurturing, professional, and resilient and possess a good sense of humour! We welcome enquiries from single people, couples, gay or lesbian, men and/or woman; in fact we welcome anyone who can offer a child or young person a fresh start alongside hope, opportunity, safety and security. We regards our carers as an essential part of the professional team supporting children and families and as such believe that fostering should be the only job held for the lead foster carer.

Will I receive any training before I begin fostering?

Everybody involved with Enhanced Foster Care is encouraged to attend training to further expand their personal skills. As a Foster Carer you will be expected to attend the Skills to Foster Course prior to being approved as a Foster Carer and their are courses that you have to attend to make sure you have the right information to best support you, any child and your own family. Enhanced Foster Care has an exciting and extensive training programme including a modular training course, 'Enhanced Practice' and specialist training for Therapeutic Parenting, Harmful Sexual behaviours and Parent and Child Assessment Placements. Also we encourage all of our carers to request training they themselves feel would benefit them.

Do I need to have any special qualifications to foster?

No, none are necessary although previous child care experience is desirable whether it be as a parent or working alongside children and young people in some capacity. It is more important to us that you strongly believe you have something to offer a child, young person or family undergoing assessment. Essentially, if you haven't any experience with children you need to think about why you think you will be a good Foster Carer and what experiences you have which could help to convince us. We will train you to do your job and ensure that you feel supported in your role as foster carer.

Do I need to be under/over a certain age to become a Foster Carer?

Enhanced Foster Care believes that life experience is the most crucial factor and therefore it's unusual for us to recruit anyone under the age of twenty four. We've worked with some highly skilled Foster Carers of all ages and it's about a person's personality and character more than their age. If you have the drive and enthusiasm Enhanced Foster Care would be delighted to hear from you.

Would previous convictions prevent me from fostering?

No but some convictions do prevent you from being a foster carer. If you can discuss this with us right at the start we can give you the correct information and the best advice. 

What we do

We recognise that each child/young person's story is very different and their needs are diverse. In responding to that, Enhanced Foster Care is in a position to offer a range of placements tailored to meet the needs of each individual child and young person and those responsible for placing children.

Mainstream Fostering

Specialist Fostering


We recognise that at times children and young people may find themselves in a period of crisis or unexpected circumstances. Emergency Foster Carers offer a responsive service that manages the crisis, sets the immediate goals and plans for change within an initial period. Emergency placements are arranged at shot notice and allow children to stay for a few days to provide them with an immediate place of safety. Some children will continue to live with these foster carers. 

Enhanced Therapeutic

Therapeutic placements are provided to children and young people with therapeutic and behavioural needs who would benefit from a therapeutic parenting approach. Our model and philosophy in therapeutic placements addresses the many difficulties that children and young people experience, including attachments issues, low self-esteem, harmful behaviours, trauma and angry feelings and behaviour. Our multidisciplinary team offers a Clinical therapeutic service that aims to support children and young people that experience mental health difficulties, psychological issues and can display challenging behaviours. Our team offer this therapeutic service that enhances the lives of children and aims for positive and progressive change in their lives.

Short term

At times some children require a stable base which will allow them to settle to enable plans to be made for the longer-term future. Short-term placements last for days, weeks or months whilst plans for the child's and with the child, are made.

Parent & Child Assessment

The Enhanced Parent and Child Service is a specialist provision within Enhanced Foster Care and provides placements  where a parent or parents are given an opportunity to parent their child, and together, as a family, they live together for a period of time within a specialist foster home. This type of fostering is undertaken by specifically trained and supported cares who observe and assess the progress made by the parent and the child and, as part of a wider team, provide information about parenting capacity as part of a wider Court directed assessment.

Long Term

Our long-term Foster Carers offer a lasting commitment to the children living with them and provide children with a long term home where they can live until adulthood and help them move towards independence. There are different levels of placements that include, Complex/Solo placements; Enhanced Placements and a Standard Placements, further details can be found in our Statement of Purpose.

Harmful Sexually Behaviour

Harmful Sexual Behaviour placements are for children and young people, who, through their own difficult experiences exhibit harmful sexual behaviours. These specialist placements provide a therapeutic and safe environment in which clinical intervention programmes guide children and young people to develop an understanding of their difficulties and assist them through the process of change to a positive and safe future.  

Respite or Occasional

Respite fostering allow a child to stay on an occasional basis, This may be as a one-off or on a regular basis to support the family, our respite carers work alongside the child's family, or offer support to established foster carers with foster children living with them. Some children only require occasional foster care to support them in holiday times or over weekends. 

Step Down

Step-Down placements are a therapeutic service, whereby children and young people placed in residential care are supported to move to an identified foster family through a specialist approach of introductions. Enhanced Foster Care's close links with Wessex College (children's residential care provision) has assisted in the development of these specialist services.

Preperation for Independent Living

We recognise that growing up can be a daunting task for any teenager. The transition to adulthood is especially difficult for those young people whose natural home life has been disrupted. We provide specifically trained Foster Carers who provide support to young people going through this transition and support them beyond their move from foster care.

Staying Put Placement

Staying put placements are for young people who need assistance with the transition to independent living and want to remain living within their foster family.

Salary & Support

Unrivalled free training programme, genuine Clinical support and competitive fees

  • Competitive allowances and packages  paid
  • A dedicated Social Worker ensuring regular visits and quality supervision 
  • Team of social workers, family support workers and outreach team available to provide support 24 hours a day
  • Comprehensive training programme
  • 2 weeks paid holiday for all Foster Carers
  • Insurances and paid Membership of Fostering Network
  • Peer support groups, coffee mornings
  • Social events
  • Support to other fostering family members 
  • An outreach team to support fostering families, i.e when a child is out of school
Clinical and Therapeutic Support
  • Monthly foster carers clinical forums
  • Clinical supervision of the social work teams
  • Oversight of all therapeutic and behavioural plans for children
  • Specialist training and development
  • Individual therapy for children where agreed
  • Opportunity for foster carers individual consultation with a
    member of the Clinical Team for Enhanced and Therapeutic
    foster carers

Learning, Training & Development

Enhanced Foster Care is committed to the training and professional development of its foster carers and staff. The training programme exceeds the requirements of the Fostering Services National minimum Standards (2011) and Fostering Services Regulations (2011). EFC offers group based training, on-line training and 1:1 sessions that accommodate the demands placed on foster families. The courses offered include:

Pre-Approval Training - Skills to Foster
  • This is the initial course covering the skills you need to have to be a foster carer and is part of the application and assessment process.
Induction Training
  • The Training, Support and Development  Standards for Foster Carers course covers 7 areas delivered through monthly workshops learning environments where a learning portfolio is developed. A home based induction visit covering the practice, legal and regulatory requirements of the fostering role is part of the induction process.
The Enhanced Training Programme
  • Courses cover essential skill based learning delivered by an external provider. Courses build on experience and knowledge and focus on enhancing skills and knowledge within fostering practice. Skills and knowledge will be developed specifically looking at child development, attachment and trauma in children.
The Specialist Training Programme
There are specialist learning routes that provide foster carers with the opportunity to develop skills in distinct areas of practice:

  • Parent and Child Assessments
  • Therapeutic Foster Care
  • Harmful Sexual Behaviour
  • Working with Children at risk of Child Sexual Exploitation 

Qualification Programmes

Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care programmes are offered to foster carers who are interested in developing their skills, knowledge and practice in fostering. Enhanced Foster Care provides placements for student social workers and has a sponsorship scheme for those wanting to train as social workers. Managers are supported to complete Level 7 Management qualification and sponsorship schemes are in place for attending University to complete the BA (Hons) in Leadership and Management in Social Care. 

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