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Training and Development

Enhanced Foster Care is committed to the training and professional development of its foster carers and staff. The training programme exceeds the requirements of the relevant Fostering Services National Minimum Standards and Fostering Services Regulations. EFC offers group based training, on-line training and 1:1 sessions that accommodate the demands placed on foster families. The courses offered include:
Pre-Approval Training – Skills to Foster

This is the initial course covering the skills you need to have to be a foster carer and is part of the application and assessment process. The course provides insight and time for you to consider whether fostering is right for your family and for you to truly understand what is expected, what support and training you will receive and how you will develop in your new career.

Induction Training

A home based induction visit covering the practice, legal and regulatory requirements of the fostering role is part of the induction process. Foster carers will be asked to complete initial training, including some online courses. During the first six months of fostering each carer is required to complete the Training, Support and Development Standards for Foster Carers. This course covers 7 areas delivered through monthly workshop learning environments where a learning portfolio is developed.

The Enhanced Training Programme

Courses cover essential skill based learning, delivered by an external provider. Courses build on experience and knowledge and focus on enhancing skills and knowledge within fostering practice. Skills and knowledge will be developed, specifically looking at child development, attachment, therapeutic parenting and trauma in children.

The Specialist Training Programme

There are specialist learning routes that provide foster carers with the opportunity to develop skills in distinct areas of practice:
* Parent and Child Assessments
* Therapeutic Foster Care
* Harmful Sexual Behaviour
* Working with Children at risk of Child Sexual Exploitation

Qualification Programmes

Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care programmes are offered to foster carers who are interested in developing their skills, knowledge and practice in fostering. Enhanced Foster Care provides placements for student social workers and has a sponsorship scheme for those wanting to apply to train as social workers. Managers are supported to complete Level 7 Management qualification and sponsorship schemes are in place for attending University to complete the BA (Hons) in Leadership and Management in Social Care.

Thinking of fostering? Contact us: 01985 218505

Thinking of fostering?
Contact us: 01985 218505