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27 Nov Ofsted releases Children’s Social Care responses

Each year, Ofsted uses online questionnaires to gather views about social care services from children and young people. It uses these responses, along with other information like previous inspection findings or concerns, to decide when to inspect and what to focus the inspection on.

Responses to the Children’s Social Care Questionnaires 2016 have just been released by Ofsted, and contain key messages including the importance of relationships, feeling safe and understanding the reasons they came into care.

Of those young people who completed the questionnaire, 99 per cent said that they feel safe in their foster home all or most of the time, and 94 per cent that they feel part of their foster family all or most of the time.

However, one in three children said that they didn’t receive useful information before a move to a new foster family – a long-standing issue which must be addressed. Comments included ‘I don’t really understand why my parents couldn’t keep me’ and ‘no one has gone through all the reasons with me’.

Read all the responses to Ofsted’s questionnaire by clicking on the link above.

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