About us

Allow us to explain more about our organisation and our goals.

Our approach

We recognise that when working with children and young people with trauma experiences it is important to be creative, considerate and reflective in ensuring that our care and intervention is relevant to each individual. We all adopt an approach that is firmly centred on relationships and a developmental framework that offers a warm, nurturing and empathetic approach.

Our vision and values

Everything we do is driven by our vision and values. Explore how and why we exist and what our goals for the future are – and how we plan to continue supporting children and improving their life outcomes.

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Our policies

It’s important to us that our work is underpinned by clear set of strategies and processes. Transparency is important to us and we welcome scrutiny. Take a look at the policies that help us achieve our goals.

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About ECS

We provide high quality, holistic care and learning to improve the lives of children and young people through a proven range of practitioner-led services.

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