Do I need a spare room?
Yes – each child must have their own room. The panel would also not approve if you made your own children share a room to achieve this. You also need to consider sleeping arrangements now and in the future; siblings may be fine to share while they’re young but need the opportunity to have individual rooms as they get older.
I haven’t got children of my own
Having experience with or around children is preferred and you can talk about this further in the home visit. We won’t automatically rule you out if you haven’t had children of your own.
Do I need to be able to drive?
The main carer must be able to drive and have access to a car as children in care require a lot of meetings and transportation (at times). They also may not go to school in your local town.
Can I have pets?
Yes – we will need you to complete a pet questionnaire as part of an assessment to check they are kept safely.

You cannot foster if you have a breed that is on the dangerous dogs’ list or is not good with people or children.
Can I be a single carer/applicant?
Yes – we have single carers, but it does make matching more difficult (for example: we wouldn’t put girls in with single male carers).
I have children of my own…
Due to the needs of the children we care for, we recommend carers’ own children must be at least over the age of five and at school full time.
I only want little ones or babies…
As an agency we rarely get younger children through but it does happen. It would be better to be more flexible on ages.
Can I work?
Carers can work but the fostering has to take priority and they have to be available for meetings, school transport, school holidays and after school commitments.
Will I get paid?
Yes – carers receive an allowance for the child and a fee each week. You’ll need to register as self-employed, which you can do here

When a child isn’t in placement then you will not be paid.
Can you guarantee I will always have a placement?
No – but we know when families are going to be available and actively search for new placements to minimise gaps in fostering.
Would previous convictions prevent me from fostering?
All potential applicants must undertake a DBS check in order to be considered. Should you have any criminal convictions, you would not automatically be ruled out of fostering, but you may be required to undertake additional risk assessments. Above all, we ask that people are open and honest with us from the start.
What if I smoke?
People can still foster if they smoke or vape, however you cannot be approved for any children under the age of five. We have a strict policy which states that no one is to smoke/vape inside the home or property.
How long does it take?
The application process can be lengthy and involves the following steps:

  1. Application form to be completed

  2. References and DBS checks done

  3. Assign an assessor. This can take up to three to six months to complete depending on how available you are for the assessment.

  4. Go to panel to be approved.

Will I receive training?
Enhanced Foster Care is committed to achieving the best practice for our foster carers and makes comprehensive learning, support and supervision one of our highest priorities. It is also a requirement of your registration as a foster carer that you attend certain training on an annual basis.

Enhanced Foster Care has access to an established training programme, but continually strives to develop within that. Boreham Mill also offers a purpose-built training suite, complete with a resource library, offering internet access. These facilities maximise the opportunity to allow foster carers to fully engage in recognised teaching methods, such as seminars and workshop sessions that complement the more vocational aspects of their development within their own home or the main office workplace. Our offices at Newton Abbot also have a training room.

As a Foster Carer we expect your commitment with regards to training, and you will attend the Skills to Foster Course, Safeguarding, First Aid and Therapeutic Approach training prior to being approved as a Foster Carer.

There are courses that you have to attend to make sure you have the right information to best support you, any child and your own family as well as specialist courses.
I am already a carer for another IFA or Local Authority and want to transfer?
Yes – that’s ok, but you can only be registered with one agency at a time. Transferring is much easier than in the past and there is a protocol process which must be followed.