In January we received our three-yearly Ofsted inspection. The whole team pulled together to ensure that the inspectors saw all the great work that we are doing as an agency.

We are delighted that we achieved a Good! Here’s some excerpts from the report:

  • Children make good progress from their starting points and feel part of a wider family.
  • The agency employs highly experienced and committed members of staff.
  • The assessment of new carers is thoughtfully carried out, and the panel ensures effective scrutiny of all applications.
  • Carers feel exceptionally valued and well supported. As a result, children receive high levels of good-quality care.
  • Children are protected, as safeguarding processes are managed well, with thorough recording of outcomes.
  • Management oversight is effective and leads to improvement within the agency.


Our children and young people responded very positively about our carers:

“Carers have established warm and nurturing relationships with children. Carers ensure that children feel welcome and ‘part of the family’. For example, children can contribute to decisions about where to go on holiday and are encouraged to have their friends from school to visit for tea and have sleepovers.”

“Children enjoy a wide range of activities and experiences that are fun and help to build their confidence. Some children have enjoyed catamaran trips, while others have visited Portugal, Greece and Edinburgh. These experiences positively benefit children.”


And it was great to hear that our foster carers feel well supported by us too:

One carer said, ‘They advocated on our behalf, and that was so helpful. The social events are great, and they have worked so hard to include us as carers.’

Carers appreciate being part of the social committee and feel involved about decisions that are made about activities, fun days and gatherings. They feel that they belong to part of a wider family and that their experiences and skills are valued.