On 31st May the team had a great day over at our Care Farm in Wiltshire, carrying out a photoshoot to showcase the therapeutic work we carry out at Triskele, and Chipley Mill Farm in Devon.

Everyone knows the old adage – never work with children or animals, but ever up for a challenge, we did the lot, and had a fantastic time into the bargain! Rain just about held off, and the children enjoyed activities such as walking out, grooming, feeding and forest school.

Our farms offer a very special environment of calm, which is predictable and encourages children and young people to join together to complete tasks, to learn how to solve problems they face whilst providing care and nurture to animals and the land.

We aim to arouse curiosity, revive hope, inspire learning, and facilitate children to reclaim their lives through promoting growth and recovery in traumatised children. Triskele and Chipley Mill farm in Devon provide opportunity to children and young people to be inspired, encouraged and given confidence to reach their potential, not be restricted by views of their limitations and difficulties, and we provide a positive learning environment where children are allowed to safely make mistakes and learn through them.

To find out more about our care farms, please visit https://ecscarefarms.co.uk/