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Below are answers to some questions that we normally get asked. If you have questions that aren’t answered by any of these, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.
Who can apply to become a Foster Carer?

At Enhanced Foster Care we are always looking for some particular qualities in our Foster Carers and in particular, we welcome applicants who are confident, nurturing, professional, resilient and possess a good sense of humour! We welcome enquiries from single people, couples, gay or lesbian, men and/or woman; in fact we welcome anyone who can offer a child or young person a fresh start alongside hope, opportunity, safety and security. We regard our carers as an essential part of the professional team, supporting children and families and as such believe that fostering should be the only job held for the lead foster carer.

Will I receive any training before I begin fostering?

Everybody involved with Enhanced Foster Care is encouraged to attend training to further expand their personal skills. As a Foster Carer you will be expected to attend the Skills to Foster Course prior to being approved as a Foster Carer and there are courses that you have to attend to make sure you have the right information to best support you, any child and your own family. Enhanced Foster Care has an exciting and extensive training programme including a modular training course, ‘Enhanced Practice’ and specialist training for Therapeutic Parenting, Harmful Sexual behaviours and Parent and Child Assessment Placements. We also encourage all of our carers to request training they themselves feel would benefit them.

Do I need to have any special qualifications to foster?

No, no qualifications are necessary, although previous child care experience is desirable whether it be as a parent or working alongside children and young people in some capacity. It is more important to us that you strongly believe you have something to offer a child, young person or family undergoing assessment. Essentially, if you haven’t any experience with children you need to think about why you think you will be a good Foster Carer and what experiences you have which could contribute to your future capacity to care effectively for children. We will train you to do your job and ensure that you feel supported in your role as foster carer.

Do I need to be under/over a certain age to become a Foster Carer?

Enhanced Foster Care believes that life experience is the most crucial factor and therefore it’s unusual for us to recruit anyone under the age of twenty four. We’ve worked with some highly skilled Foster Carers of all ages and it’s about a person’s personality and character more than their age. If you have the drive and enthusiasm, Enhanced Foster Care would be delighted to hear from you.

Would previous convictions prevent me from fostering?

No, but some convictions do prevent you from being a foster carer. If you can discuss this with us right at the start, we can give you the correct information and the best advice.

Thinking of fostering? Contact us: 01985 218505

Thinking of fostering?
Contact us: 01985 218505