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Salary and Support

Unrivalled free training programme, genuine Clinical support and competitive fees
  • Competitive allowances and packages paid
  • A dedicated social worker ensuring regular visits and quality supervision
  • A team of social workers available to provide support 24 hours a day
  • Family support workers and outreach team to provide support 24 hours a day
  • Comprehensive training programme
  • 2 weeks paid holiday for all Foster Carers
  • Insurances and paid Membership of Fostering Network
  • Peer support groups, coffee mornings
  • Social events
  • Support to other fostering family members
  • An outreach team to support fostering families, i.e when a child is out of school
Clinical and Therapeutic Support
  • Monthly foster carers clinical forums
  • Clinical supervision of the social work teams
  • Clinical oversight of all therapeutic and behavioral plans for children
  • Specialist training and development provided by Clinical Team
  • Individual therapy for children where agreed
  • Opportunity for foster carers individual consultation with a member of the clinical team for Enhanced, Therapeutic and Complex foster carers

Thinking of fostering? Contact us: 01985 218505

Thinking of fostering?
Contact us: 01985 218505