There’s a new kid on the block in iconic kids show Sesame Street in the shape of Karli – a young muppet in foster care living with her “for-now” parents, Dalia and Clem.

New videos, a storybook and interactive activities have been released featuring Karli and her foster parents. The introduction of Karli is part of a new initiative from the show to offer support to children, foster parents and providers.

One video shows her struggling with feeling left out at a pizza party.


Another features Elmo’s dad chatting with Dalia and Clem about how they are finding fostering.

Karli is also seen sharing an art project with Elmo that shows that even though she might feel like her heart is breaking, it can get bigger at the same time when more love is added.

Digital resources such as books and art activities have also been made available by Sesame Street and there are also tips for foster parents.

“Sesame Street has had its Muppets and their human friends discuss important issues (like bullying and divorce) and reflect people kids actually see day to day”

It’s great to see their focus on normalising foster care – especially when you consider over 65,000 children are living with foster families in the UK alone.